I'm a writer, mentor, and technologist based in Chicago, where I live in a 100-year-old apartment with a small army of succulents, two teapots, and a growing pile of books I keep meaning to read.

I learned HTML, CSS, and Photoshop (this was pre-Illustrator, y'all) in 1998 and began designing and building websites professionally shortly afterward. I migrated into product development, project management, and communications strategy; later, I became a teacher and mentor. Now I do all the above in a career that's colorful, fun, and always interesting. I love it.

I have written publicly for 15 years in various social spheres across multiple projects, and I remain relentlessly curious about what we share, where we share, and why we share it. I'm interested in the families, networks, and cultures we build online and off. And I'm deeply fascinated with the growing ranks of digital natives who are so used to touchscreens that they try to do the same with magazines.

Read about my projects (Mozilla, Obama for America Technology, the University of Chicago, The Noun Project) and go to LinkedIn for an in-depth look at my work and recommendations.

Need help? Check out my services and get in touch with me at hi@marihuertas.com.