I write, draw, guide, organize, and simplify.

I've done some interesting things in my life so far, including:

  • Designing and building websites for clients from scratch in 1998 to help pay for college.
  • Teaching digital strategy and community building by invitation to post-graduate students at the University of Chicago.
  • Working as a program manager on the Technology team on President Obama's re-election campaign.
  • Writing a volume of poetry as part of #the100dayproject in 2014 and as a self-directed project in 2015.
  • Becoming semi-internet famous for making amazing scones.

I support communities, organize operations, and shape products. I establish fluid communication both internally and externally. And I strip out friction wherever I find it to make life easier and work shorter.

** I currently have availability through the end of August 2015.

Need help? Say hi: hi@marihuertas.com