I'm a writer, mentor, and technologist who specializes in communicating, building things, and destroying chaos. I live in a 100-year-old apartment with a small army of succulents, two teapots, and a growing stack of books I keep meaning to read. I also like to make weird little art projects, but we'll get to that some other time.

I learned HTML, CSS, and Photoshop (this was pre-Illustrator, y'all) in 1998 and began designing and building websites professionally shortly afterward. I migrated into product development, project management, and communications strategy. Later, I taught at the University of Chicago; then I joined the Technology team for President Obama's re-election campaign. Now I combine all my previous experiences – building, communicating, and teaching – in a career that's colorful, fun, and always interesting. I love it.

These days I freelance, mentor, and run operations for The Manual, a design journal for the web. I also am building my own passion project, which focuses on helping anyone (but especially marginalized groups) learn, connect, and work in technology. It intersects my three most passionate interests – education, publishing, and technology – and will launch in fall/winter 2014.

If that all sounds groovy, and you want to get in touch, say hi at hi@marihuertas.com.