A short bio for speaking events:

Mari Huertas is a lifelong Chicagoan now based on the West Coast. She has worked in program management, operations, and communications for 20 years, with clients such as Google Cloud, Mozilla Foundation, the Obama 2012 Technology team, World Book, and McGraw-Hill, along with a host of startups in Chicago and the Bay Area. Mari writes poetry on Instagram @19syllables and short essays on Tinyletter.

Fun facts, if you’re still reading:

  • I earned degrees in Journalism and Foreign Languages.

  • I have designed and built websites for 20+ years. (!!)

  • I have worked in publishing, education, and tech, or combos of the three my entire career.

  • I have completed three 100-day projects, including a collection of poems in a unique 5-line, 19-syllable format I created, and a collection of 100 life letters to my son.

  • I swoon over coffee, good chocolate, beautiful paper goods, fine pens, and flour.

  • Originally from Chicago — forever home sweet home — I now live in the Bay Area with my husband, Andrés, and our son, Domingo. Our first initials spell MAD but we're pretty happy about it.