My mentoring is grounded in practicality, sensitivity, and execution. I want to work together to identify clear steps you can take to change what needs changing, while being mindful of your current and potential circumstances. My goal is to help you build better practices for communication, set clearer patterns around expectations, and improve your overall mindset and health in your work.

As of April 2019, I currently am NOT accepting requests to mentor.

If you're interested in becoming a mentor, you may fork this document to establish guidelines for your practice.


I advise on the following:


  • finding the right role

  • improving a skills set

  • applying and interviewing for jobs

  • developing a strong CV


  • setting priorities

  • managing a project, product, or program

  • communicating effectively in a team

  • handling stressful situations with grace

These sessions can be done via Google Hangout, Skype, or in person. They may include:

  • a written and shared dispatch of what we covered and what we'll do in the next session.

  • small assignments to read, write, or develop between meetings to keep us both honest and invested.

  • access to a collection of appropriate resources I've cultivated.


From the start, I’ve been impressed by the way Mari leads projects, clarifies objectives and supports teammates. She is a rare mix of Creative and Planner, which allows her to ideate goals and realize them. In addition to being a fantastic colleague, she’s a trusted mentor. Over many a tea & scone, she has helped me navigate difficult decisions and pave a meaningful career path. She’s an inspiration to anyone in technology who hopes to intelligently and optimistically push their craft forward. I’m honored to call her a friend.

Elisabeth H.
Mari helped me as I took on a new role with more responsibility and our small team doubled in size. She was a great sounding board for ideas and concerns. Mari shared practical tips about project and meeting management as well as helped me think through bigger picture questions. It was such a relief to know I had Mari to chat with as I was managing this transition, and I know her advice helped our team a lot. Thanks, Mari!

Erika O.
I first met Mari in 2011 when I took a Digital Publishing course taught by her at the University of Chicago. The course focused on digital tools, strategies, and community building – all of which Mari has a deep understanding of and passion for. At the time, I was feeling lost in my career. Taking that course was the first step in finding clarity, finding a path. Since then, over the past three years, Mari has continued to offer support, encouragement, and advice. She’s helped shape my resume into something amazing, offered stellar advice on interviews and what it takes to get the job, and has overall been a force for good in my life. I am impressed by her intellectual curiosity and drive, and I absolutely believe in her skills, her passion, and her many talents.

Christina Z.