What I do

I like building best practices and processes, templates and docs, to scale an organization as it evolves.

I like working with a team collaboratively to solve problems and set a strong stage for growth.

I like removing friction, not building speed bumps. I create bumpers, not shackles.


When you need to align your team(s) to deliver on your organization's vision, I will:

  • ask questions to understand your goal(s).

  • propose ideas and flag any potential issues.

  • plan and create a practical schedule for the work.

  • review contracts, manage budgets, and helm operations.

  • outline a communications strategy and write copy for the launch.

  • address post-launch issues, address questions, and tie up loose ends.

  • report on what worked and didn't, and make a plan to scale as appropriate.


  • Google Cloud – I was the first program manager for our Customer Engineering organization. Now I manage a global team of program managers, leading the development, execution, and enablement of programs to support and scale the work of Sales Engineers, Partner Engineers, and Solutions Architects worldwide.

  • Blackbird (acquired by Pythian) – Streamlined product operations for 70+ clients across five project managers and four teams of global, remote, senior data and devops professionals. Cut redundant and unnecessary tools to save ~$50K/year. Wrote dispatches to clients outlining security issues. Outlined best practices for social outreach.

  • Simple Honest Work – Managed New America's site build. Within the first two weeks, I revamped the project's Github repo – streamlining labels and bucketing work to organize, prioritize, and assign items in Github and Zenhub for the engineers and designers. I communicated with the CEO on progress and aligned the team with brief, daily dispatches.

  • The Manual – Helmed 2014 Kickstarter project (108% funded); ran daily stands; scheduled development; created communications roadmap; wrote emails, blog posts, and tweets; recommended changes for rebranding and redesign; negotiated new URL purchase; and worked with n IP lawyer to ensure editorial copyright of previous editions.

  • XOXO festival – Supported business operations and communications for the 2014 festival as point of contact for booking flights, hotel lodging, and reimbursements for >100 speakers, musicians, filmmakers, and animators.

  • Noun Project – Guided the team to launch a site redesign, API build, and premium accounts. Advised on community outreach for the transition, including emails, blog posts, and Vine and Instagram posts.

  • El El See – Built out operations, managed its client roster, created a product roadmap (including hiring and development), and wrangled contracts – all the typical growth elements for a new devops company.

  • Mozilla – Directed website development, community outreach and engagement, PR, and summer fair for Chicago Summer of Learning (chicagocityoflearning.org), a summer program for student learning, in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation, the City of Chicago, and local education/community groups. Product-managed Mozilla's web literacy standard.

  • Obama for America (the 2012 Barack Obama presidential campaign) – Program-managed the Technology team's Digital, Finance, and Voter verticals, including products that integrated with the campaign's two technical flagship builds, Narwhal and Dashboard. Managed >100 projects, enhancements, fixes, and rebuilds in total, including microtargeting and data collection efforts, voter registration and tracking, Facebook and Twitter messaging, mobile app, POS system and online store, and more. Ensured stability and failover with devops team under significant traffic from 13 million supporters.

Previous roles include Digital Products Manager at World Book, Inc., where I brought seven commercially successful (and educator-praised) digital products to life, including its Classroom division; Editor for World Languages at McGraw-Hill Education, where I created literacy and ELL materials in English, Spanish, and French; and Project Coordinator at Nieman, Inc., a small, privately-owned development house in Wilmette, Ill.